Secure document exchange is the process of securely sharing and storing documents internally between departments, as well as with external customers. It helps businesses reduce the time spent in manual data entry and minimize the risk of sensitive data being shared with non-authorized individuals or organisations, while helping to avoid costly cyber attacks and data breaches.

Secure document exchange software offers unparalleled security. It is invulnerable to cyberattacks, hackers, and human error that can be a problem when sending confidential information via email. Most software solutions are designed to be compliant with a variety of industry regulations, including GDPR, and offer two-factor authentication, digital audit trail and more – all essential features to protect customer data and avoiding the costly implications of a security breach.

Another benefit is the time saving aspect. In giving teams the ability to share information more quickly with customers, you’ll be able to save significant amounts of time and resources across your business.

Additionally, the capability to edit documents offline and sync changes after connected, and integrated feedback and approvals, removes the need for long email threads and improves data room ma the speed of progress for projects. Automated email signature reminders can be scheduled to ensure that important projects don’t get lost in the shuffle, and version control ensures that everyone is working with the most recent copy. Secure portals for clients may be created, reducing the setup and administration while allowing them to view or download specific files.