Ideals virtual data room is a modern software that makes managing sensitive data enjoyable for every user. It offers a broad range of tools that accommodate the requirements of a variety of business procedures. It can be used on any device, making it an excellent choice for companies with an array of desktop and mobile devices. Ideals virtual data room offers an opportunity for users to try a free trial to get a sense of its capabilities. They can then make a decision whether it meets their needs before committing to buying it.

The most common VDR features include granular access rights, which allows admins to control users’ permissions based on their role in the project. Two-factor authentication is a security measure that provides an additional layer of security every time a user enters the virtual dataroom. Users can also choose to limit their time of access or limit the use of an IP address. Redaction, which obscures images or text, and fence view, which blocks taking screenshots, are additional features which can help to keep documents secure.

VDRs can be a valuable tool for the real estate industry since they permit clients to access huge amounts of information. Investment bankers will also find VDRs useful for M&A transactions that require a large amount of documentation. They can utilize it to provide documents regarding capital raising, investments and M&A and divulge information about the acquisition of land and housing.

iDeals is a trusted virtual data room provider, offering a broad set of features and security that is bank-grade. The customer service team is accessible via email, phone or chat all hours of the day, every day. The support team is multilingual and can communicate in 13 languages. Users can expect an answer within 30 mins if they use the email or chat feature. The platform has a team of dedicated project managers, and provides live training from experts.